I have been building models of Chesapeake Bay workboats for about fifteen years. I am dedicated to help preserve the history of these boats by building my models as close as I possibly can to the real thing. I have created roughly thirty boats of various sizes and models over these years and wish to share my labors with others who share my enthusiasm. Unlike other boat models, I take pride in every small detail of ware and weathering, from water staining to individual oysters in a net. Nearly every individual part of each boat is handmade and built to scale. While I do not create these pieces with the purpose of making money, I do occasionally sell boats or take commissions. If this interests you, please contact meet at the provided email address.


9 thoughts on “About Me & My Boat Models

  1. I’m new to building models. I haven’t actually attempted one yet. I’ve grown up on the bay and love the old work boats. I’m trying to gather as much information as possible before I jump in. Thanks for your time.



      1. John-Spoke to you today about Smithsonian contact info. Can you help me find it?-Thanks…Also-enjoyed the show very much–Don Robinson


  2. i grew up on the bay, i wish to attempt creating a model of the original skipjack, ill be using kitchen matches, im having trouble locating the building plans, i cant seem to find what i am looking for, can you help?


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